Dinossaur Hooded Scarf

Hi! How is Kids Clothes Week going on for you? I must say it was a completely disaster for me this time, in terms of finished things but I am managed to sew at least 1h/day (except for these two last days) so go I guess I am fine. :)

Today I am sharing a super cool Dinossaur Hood I made a couple of months ago for a pattern testing, but was actually still a WIP because I hadn't yet placed the snaps. So I placed the snaps and finally got the chance to blog about it. It's great that it fits this KCW's theme - Wild Things - so much! And since the snaps were put this week that's got to count as a KCW make, right? :) 

As always I was being too ambitious... All the patterns that were cut and ready to go, are still on the table and ready to go... This week was oh-so-busy and the kids demanded lots of attention and it was a shorter week for me (I am on an extended weekend while you're reading this post), so I couldn't find the time to make stuff specifically for KCW...

Needless to say this boy LOVES this hood! And since the wonderful Spring and Summer weather we were having has gone, and rain and cold weather came back again, he is lucky to be using it this weekend!

Pattern: All-In-One Hooded Scarf by Heidi & Finn.
Fabric: Blue fleece and green sweatshirt fleece.
This pattern is amazing! It comes with SO many options! 
You can make: a cat, a dino, a fox, a bunny, a shark, a mouse, a monkey and use all your creativity to come up with more animals and characters! 
Have a look here at all the testers amazing versions to be inspired! 
It is available in sizes 6 months to 12 years (which also fits adults)!
Plus, it is one of the most quick & easy things I have ever sewn! 

Two posts on a row with things for my boy? I think that's a first! :) 

Have a great weekend! 
I'll be on a mini vacation enjoying nature in all its glory with some good friends, and trying not to think I could be in Paris on a wondeful kids sewing bloggers meeting with some good blogging friends, doing some lots of shopping and eating some lots of delicious croissants... (Lets not talk why I didn't accept the invitation this time, okay? because I can't even justify myself right now... :) ). You can follow their adventure - and all the great fabric shopping they will be doing - on Instagram following the hashtag #parissewsocial. :) 

Happy sewing!

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